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“Simply The Best”
Malaysia’s Fire Show Group with over
15 Years Of Experience, Delivering Modern and Stylish Fire Entertainment with Pyrotechnics and Special Effects.
 Creative Choreographies,
WOW Effect, and Maximum Safety.


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What Is Fire Show?

The term ‘FIRE SHOW’ is used to describe a live performance of art and entertainment.
This type of show takes many forms and can be seen globally.

Artist combines these artistic performances with other art forms and technologies such as Pyrotechnics, Flamethrowers, Lyco, Stunts and dance

Performances with fire come in many different forms, whether technological, thematic or atmospheric. The primary focus is the performer's manipulation and dance with fire. This is often accompanied by other fire skills in the form of stunts or tricks.

Our Performers

High quality professional fire performers for hire anywhere in Malaysia. A fantastic show that will leave audiences mesmerized, our excellent fire show is a stunning display of daring tricks, incredible acrobatics, and raw talent, combined to create a visual spectacle that will amaze and delight.

Featuring fire breathing, fire juggling, flaming ropes, fire poi, fire eating, fireworks and impressive acrobatic moves, this show will not disappoint.
Delivering a High Octane, Adrenaline Filled Performance!

Each show is delivered with Passion and Professionalism, offering the perfect entertainment for your function. but rest assured that our acts & show ideas have all health and safety risk assessments in place so you can book with “Confidence & Ease”.

Is The Fire Show Safe?


All of our performers have years of experience and perform for events all around. They take safety extremely seriously and their two hour set-up reflects this.

Our Fire Marshals prioritize in bringing fire extinguishers, fire blankets, health and safety equipment. Making sure your fire show will be safe from beginning to end!


To achieve a grand finale for our show, we use impressive interior pyrotechnic effects. The types we use are safe, certified, have no heat capacity and are non-toxic

A stage effect device for manual flame bursts, emitting flames about 2 meters long, making it a guaranteed eye catcher of every stage performance. It has a robust construction with a futuristic design.

Incredible fire tornado involves a 10m swirling tunnel of flame. Produces a smoke ring effect, which can be seen for miles around

Lyco is a fine dry powder made of a plant which is used for fire effects since hundreds of years. Sprinkling powder into a flame, upon contact it will catch fire and makes a massive fire circle around you. For indoor shows Lyco is the safest way to display flame effects

A truly sensational vortex, where viewers are left mesmerized. This cloud of sparks Effect has the ability to catch fire and disperse in air.

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